Second UK trip with a few problems

The last couple of weeks I had some time off and decided to go back to the UK the next weekend. This is the start of April. I have an easter trip planned to my partner. So it is a trip for myself and decided to surpise her. It is friday afternoon and I got [...]


A quick trip: A desaster on the way back

A quick intro and backstory. This happend on a personal trip. So no story about a visit to a city or place. But what happend on the way back. This is going to be a little small post on this blog, a little one in between 2 big post. Last week it was easter and [...]

Travel to glouster

Saturday morning at 9 in the morning, my alarm went off. When I finally woke up, I needed to got dressed and take the train to glousther. First things first. Breakfast. I went to a wetherspoon for some pancakes. I just had the American style pancakes. My partner had the bacon burger. After that, we [...]

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